We believe in collaboration and a human-centered perspective as a starting point for everything. One question drives us: what is the essence of why people interact with brands, services and products?

You want to identify innovation opportunities?
You are searching for new and disruptive business models?
Or you want to unleash creativity and change in your organization?

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Our Process
We follow a simple process: we listen carefully, we analyze thoroughly and then we find and solutions to implement. We help you us to ask the right questions about what to do next. There is no “one size fits all” approach. But always one to answer your specific questions to deliver customized answers!


Our Purpose Statement

Our imperative is to shape society, individuals and organizations to discover and enhance human and business potential. We are driven by listening and empathizing to generate new ideas and knowledge. 


Martin Riekert

Design & Branding

Martin has a degree in communication design from the university of applied sciences in Wiesbaden. At Interbrand in Munich and Seibert Media in Wiesbaden he worked as a Designer and Creative Director for clients like Allianz, Loewe or Stepstone. Martin fuses design and creativity with brand strategic know-how. As a partner at coalisten he turns ideas and concepts into actionable strategies and elegant visualizations.

René Kaufmann

Strategy & Research

RenĂ© studied Business and Visual Anthropology in Berlin and Heidelberg. Before founding coalisten he worked as an ethnographic researcher and innovation consultant for GIM, the agency Q in Mannheim and social media intelligence agency linkfluence. Companies like Roche, Telekom, AB Inbev or Deutsche Bahn have trusted his expertise. At coalisten he connects the dots between insights, strategy and actionability.