The Context.
IBM is one of the main innovators and endorsers of everything Big Data, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. All these technologies which will without doubt change society and economy in the near future. 
But how are these emerging technologies understood and seen by people who are not yet familiar with them or who only have an abstract notion of what they mean for how we will live, work, communicate or do business?

The Solution.
We set up project “Big Data Guys in Small Data Places”. Through ethnography and in-depth interviews with consumers and small business owners,  we generated insights about what Big Data and Industry 4.0 mean for them. In a second step we invited a cross-functional team of software developers, sales managers and marketing to listen to and work with consumers in co-creation workshop. The aim: better understand consumers’ notions, hopes and fears connected to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. The project outcome serves as strategic input for stakeholderns in communication, marketing and innovation.