The Context.
Design Thinking has become a crucial part of SAP’s design-driven strategy which puts user needs in the centre of software development and business processes. At the same time, SAP is opening its HANA platform for startups to accelerate go-to-market processes through trainings and events. 

The Solution.
For a social entrepreneurship eventy of SAP’s Startup Focus Programme and for SAP’s UX DAY 2014, we were invited to present our framework of Empathy-Driven Innovation. Empathy-Driven Innovation (EI) is based on the idea that everyone can become a better listener and observer by applying methods rooted in ethnography and cognitive science.

In a series of talks and sessions, we trained entrepreneurs, (UX) designers, software engineers and business developers how to develop an empathy mindset to better understand people’s needs and attitudes. We presented participants a toolkit of 6 hands-on methods to adopt an ethnographic view on people, society and your daily work to design truly meaningful products and services.